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How do you reset your sleep patterns?

People have this problem at least in their life. They are not able to sleep at a proper hour. Let’s say staying up until 11 o’ clock has become a norm for you whether you like it or not. The concern is not that staying up late sucks, its that waking up at six in the morn to grab the bus does.

Here are some advices on how to sleep earlyer:

  • Exercise (even a bit) during the day, it will help you have a more natural sleep schedule
  • Before bedding, center mentally on what you have to do while getting up and how crucial it’s to really get up on time
  • You could try herbal supplements. Valerian root and melatonin give really impressive results. Melatonin can be found in a pill form, but it’s just a copy of the exact equivalent chemical that your brain uses to put you to sleep.
  • Try a sleep CD.
  • Try a glass of milk with bio honey before going to bed.
  • Sometims just watching something lame on TV will do the job. There are plenty other crazy cool gadgets that will help you sleep. Be creative!

Now, if the case is to sleep later than usual, you should stop eating. Men of science have long acknowledged that our circadian cycle is determined by our exposure to light. Now they’ve discovered a second “food clock” that takes over when we are hungry. This mechanism belike developed to make sure starving mammals do not go to sleep when they should be scrounging for food. Just stop eating during the 12-16 hour period before you want to be awake.


Sleep Headphones with Binaural Beats CD have cured my insomnia

SleepPhones System: Sleep Headphones with Binaural Beats CD

I’ve been experiencing insomnia ever since I was young.  Waking up in the middle of the night was happening so frequent that it began to affect my life big time.  The problem was that after that, I had difficulty falling asleep again.

So, I google it a few months ago hoping to find an answer to my problem.
I’ve found this SleepPhones System(64.95$) on Amazon. I said what the hell. Let’s try this Sleep Headphones for a change!
SleepPhones - Headphones for sleep

The problem with usual headphones I have tried to use before while trying to get some sleep has to do most with comfort or lack there of while I am sleeping on my side. These Sleep Headphones are definitely are very comfortable. I ordered a large simply on a guess.

The first night I’ve tried Sleep Headphones with Binaural Beats CD, I managed to get a full night’s sleep. Why? Because of Binaural Beats CD that comes with these phones. You’ll find that relaxing music always helps if you’re an insomniac like me!
Sleep Headphones with Binaural Beats CD

How it works?

I found myself focusing on the music and falling to sleep before it ended. If you have insomnia, consider using the Sleep Earphones System to help you fall asleep through the night. You can even set your ipod alarm to play the included binaural beat track that helps you wake up!

Shipping was fast and the packaging was very nice. Learn how to LEAD your life, don’t chase it!

Are Sleep Problems Normal as We Get Older?

Old People Sleep Problems

Many adults over the age of 50 accused  sleep issues such as waking before sunrise, unable to fall back asleep, poor quality of sleep. These sleep problems can disrupt everyday life and leave them with this question:

“Is this a normal part of getting older?”

Scientists agree that it is normal for sleep to change as we age, but that does not meen all sleep problems can be related to growing older. If you experience this kind of sleep problems, here are a few facts to consider:

Sleep patterns change as we get older

Small children have less deep sleep than teenagers and adults. Older people sleep more lightly too; as we get older we have less deep dreaming sleep. Alcohol and medication can have a big impact on sleep.

The brain of an aged person produces less and less melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep at night and alertness during the day. As adults enter their senior years, sleep patterns may naturally shift to earlier in the day. To compensate this, you can use Melatonin Plus Theamine (8,79$) for sleep support and stress relief.

Chronic health conditions can play a big role in your sleep problems

There are a lot of health condition that can reduce the quality of your sleep, and can even produce insomnia. Men can experience prostate issues that may keep them running to the bathroom many times during the night. Women going through menopause may experience hot flashes and night sweats. Depression and physical pain, such as arthritis, are both conditions that can have huge influence on your sleep.

Aged ones are also more susceptible to other sleep problems, such as sleep apnea and periodic limb movements, which may interfere with their sleep.

The best way to treat these sleep problems is to talk to your doctor and find the best treatment for these potential causes.  You may find that is not so hard to impruve the quality of your sleep!