How To Make your child sleep alone

In the old days, families were sleeping together and they were getting along just fine, growing children and being happy, compared those who sleep alone in their room today.

XX-XXI century fashion is making children sleep alone. Mothers all over the world are struggling to achieve this “performance”. Many succeed, but many fail until the child reaches seven or eight years.


So how can we make a child sleep alone? If he slept in your room since he was born it’s time to start making some changes. Explain him what’s going to happen and try to make his room as attractive as it can be. Depict events that’s about to begin as a new stage in his life.

Do not announce that starting tomorrow he will sleep alone, but pick an event that will be easy to remember (from Christmas, Easter or his birthday).

Create a ritual
Make a sleeping routine with your baby: what time to sleep, with or without lamp, with or without a story, with music, etc… Of course he will not sleep at first, so do not negotiate too many minutes – five or ten are sufficient, but will be spent in silence, not tickling, laughter, stories or nerves: Oh, dear, close your eyes once!

Respect the deadline – announce him from time to time that a month from now, a week tomorrow the change will happen! At the appointed hour, after he steps of personal hygiene, sit him in bed, read him a story (and all that was on the list), then stay there 10 minutes in silence.

Do not cheat and do not let him cheat either. Who is cheating gets a “punishment” – you can find something easily endured by the child. If you cheat, let him find the punishment (if any). In the following ten days, your stay near his bed will be dropped one minute per night. The night will come when he will tell you: Good night, Mommy and Daddy!

Things you should not do!

  • Do not treat your child’s room like an isolation area because he will feel punished and he will hate that place.
  • If he can’t sleep in the room at first, be there for him, but try to reduce the time you spent gradually.
  • Do not change his sleeping rituals. Stay lenient and mild, so you will inspire a sense of calm and safety.
  • Do not argue and do not contradict when it comes to sleep.

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