Natural Sleeping Remedies

Sleeping Disorders

Pretty much everyone with the slightest modicum of responsibility and a conscience, has had the odd sleepless night. Most people can deal with that, but if it goes on for more than a few nights persistently, than some natural sleeping remedies may be in order. Otherwise, a currently healthy condition can quickly deteriorate. Relationships, productivity, and basic happiness can all suffer.

A Regular Sleep Pattern

We are all creatures of habit, no matter how much we try to fight it. It’s partially a biological thing anyway. If you can, try and go to sleep at the same time, and get up at the same time every day. Your body will adjust to that pattern. Consistency is important here, and persistence as well. The longer you can do this for, the better your chances of success.

Environmental Stimulus

Every try to go to sleep in an airport terminal? Pretty tough to do, unless your totally exhausted. Everyone needs a safe, peaceful relaxing environment to sleep in. That includes everything from noise levels, to air temperature, to colors, to lighting, to humidity and general ambiance. If a little redecorating is in order, then do it. If things are noisy and distracting, then remove them. Eye masks, and ear plugs are possible helpers here. As long as they don’t bother you.

The Best Bed Ever

One of my favorite pieces of furniture in my house, has to be my bed. A few years ago, we finally got rid of our cheap old bed, and invested some money into a really good mattress and box spring set. Wow! It’s been amazing to sleep on. Don’t just stop at the bed, when considering your sleeping platform. Consider buying some good resting pillows, bedding, comforters, and mattress toppings can all go a long way to increase your sleep experience. Don’t get into the habit of using a laptop, watching or doing other work in bed. It may just serve to confuse your body, as to what a bed is really for. Sleeping… and one other thing šŸ˜‰

Musical Sounds & Lullabies

Mom was onto a good thing, when she sang lullabies to you as a child. It worked back then, and it can work now as one of the all time best natural sleeping remedies. While mom may be too busy to come over and sing to you at bedtime, there are alternatives. There are plenty of sleep inducing relaxation CDs you can get these days. They incorporate everything from classical pieces to rain falling, and soothing pre-natal sounds.


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